Muhammad Naqi

Motijheel, Dhaka.

An avid learner who likes to discover new technologies by creating projects that have real-life applications. Looking forward to enhancing knowledge by working with bright minds from divergent domains.


Student Tutor (Undergraduate)

BRAC University
CSE230: Discrete Mathematics


  • Consulting students.
  • Assignment Checking.
Spring 2020

Director: HR & Publications

BRAC University Chess Club


  • Maintaining balance between other departments through resource distribution
  • Keeping documentation of weekly,monthly and special programs.
  • Social Media Promotion.
December 2018 - December 2019

Chess Trainer

BRAC School Chess Project


  • Taught chess to underprivileged students of BRAC schools under 'BRAC School Chess Project' initiated by honorable Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed
December 2017 - December 2019


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Relational Database Management System - MySQL, SQLite
  • Java GUI Library - JavaFX.
  • Machine Learning Algortihms & Modules.
  • Socket Programming


Text Editor

Skill used: Java

A text editor that is capable of doing autocompletion, giving spelling suggestions for misspelled words, generating Markov text, and calculating Flesch score.

Review Analyzer using Linear Classifiers

Skills used: Python, Matplotlib

Using three linear classifiers: Perceptron Algorithm, Average Perceptron Algorithm, and Pegasos Algorithm, positive and negative reviews are being classified (as +1,-1) from the text reviews given by the buyers of Amazon's products.

Learn About Bangladesh

Skills used: React JS, HTML/CSS

A quiz app which questions are from the history, geography, and heritage of Bangladesh.

Movie Recommender Using REST API

Skills used: Python, JSON

A movie recommender system that takes a movie list and predicts movies using the data fetched from TasteDive API and OMDB API.

Word Cloud

Skills used: Python, Wordcloud, Matplotlib

Calculates the word frequency of a given document and output the most frequent words in terms of their appearance in a form of wordcloud.

To-do App

Skills used: Java, JavaFX

A To-do app created by Java GUI library - JavaFX.

4 Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit

Skills used: Verilog HDL, DHCH2

Implementation of 4-bit ALU capable of performing 8 different arithmetic and logical operations using DSCH2 & Verilog HDL.


Naqi adores the complex nature of chess game. It baffles him how a single move within this black and white jungle can lead to endless possibilities. During his undergrad life he played national,intra and inter university tournaments to bring glory for himself and his university.

He has three addictions - Good book, good movie & good music. Naqi likes books that conveys righteous messages, movies that have structured plots, and songs with meaningful lyrics. Though it's hard for him to pick the most favourite ones, the followings would always be in his top pick - The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho), Into the Wild (2007), Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins).